in the staging room of your dreams i am your delivery man i am there in a jiff i run with the wolves i fly like the wind i take off like a citation x with a captain who ignores you and a stewardess so beautiful you think you got no chance
that is until you get her drinking and figure out her low self-esteem

and o but those legs and how tight that pussy is
but what is she plotting while you plot and after the second week of fuckin you start complaining about her over highlighting
and you can focus on nothing besides that mole.

but you don't want to be alone right plus you have no other plans. who knows what she is thinking but you know she knows you got three hundred bucks to your name and brother
o how quickly that will be gone so
you do something stupid something so rash something as easy as pushing send
yeah ok a few times
but the eventuality is the eventuality and there you sit hidden in a car oh baby it's been so long oh baby put it in your mouth etc and you do it till it gets caught and then there is tears and you are so sorry but whatever
in the end: lip service.

yep. so you call and we bring. and they bring. and you do. and then the voices start. and the puking and the bank machines and the stewardess fucks the captain and together they fly away and you,
you good looking bastard with the broken mind-
you head out there with your smile and your save me's and turn it on for the girl with the breasts and the flat belly at the coffee shop becuz that's you dude and that's why they call you Rewind.

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