I caught a toad yesterday and of course it peed on me but it was a baby toad about the size of a shotglass so I didn’t scream at the pee but I screamed at its initial wriggling it had been so long since ive caught an amphibian and it felt like childhood in my hands.

I brought it inside to show a toddler because we all know that everything adults take for granted is magic to a child and I wanted to be the magician for once.

His eyes grew big and he made little boy exclamations and put his finger out for a touch and it was a brand new world for him and I was glad to be a part of someone’s first time for something even though it was insignificant.

After I brought it out front where nobody was and gave it a proper tonguing and it turned into a giant black dildo and I am still the magician.

1 for the 369 Crew:

~otto~ said...

I read this whole thing and thought you wrote "load" instead of "toad" from beginning to end. It's better that way. Please revise.