1901 : step aside to let the passengers off :

A little man stood on the other side of the subway car doors, dead-center, like he was going to bumrush as soon as the doors slid open and I have had enough of that shit and I decided that if he did, he was going to catch the wrath, and he did: he charged into a stiff shoulder that made no effort to move -- I am easily twice his size -- and with just that I dynamited his ass into a woman who knew that you need to step aside to let people off. Oh, and I said "Get the fuck out of the way" as he slammed into my arm. Lesson probably not learned. When I reached the steps, I looked over my shoulder and he was glaring at me in horror/hatred and I gave him eat-shit eyes. I only did it because I am so big and he is so small.

I spat on a man once in a similar situation, but he was about my size. He shrieked, "What kind of human being are you?!" and scampered away. I am the kind that believes in order and punishment. For other people.