Hi Babies. Friday. Rain. I know. But it's still Friday, right?

I had way too much sugar this morning. And last night. Halloween candy and Tim Horton's bracketing sleep. Oh. And coffee.

I have something to tell you. But the words won't come out. It has to do with the white trash woman and her evil little son. Basically, I told her to get to steppin. Basically, she called me a fucking bitch. She is bigger than me. And has sores on her face. There was rage in her eyes. I hope they go away forever. Take a lesson. Never be nice to ppl who are lower than you on the social ladder. Not when you have to see them every day. Hear me. There will be problems. That white liberal bullshit only works in theory.

True story.

Also. In other news. I have to take a massive shit.

Peace the fuck out. Ty Bluesmith. Ohio.